Finding The Right Contractor

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Finding the right McKinney Hardwood contractor is not easy. Since there are lots of contractors who all claim to be able to deliver great services, you need a lot of time and deliberation to choose the one who will do the best job for you. It is important that you start your search ahead of the time that your work will be completed. Use the following tips to nail the perfect hardwood flooring contractor in McKinney TX.

Get referrals

The simplest way to begin your search for a hardwood floors contractor in McKinney is to get referrals from friends and family members that you trust. However, if you do get one or two suggested contractors from your friends/family members, do not just hire them on the basis of those recommendations. Rather, look at the past works done by the said contractors just to make sure that you would be satisfied with the work. Ask your referees about the reliability, work ethic, demeanor and responsiveness of the contractor to a client’s needs.

Choose 2 or 3

From the list of recommendations that you have, choose two or three contractors you think are a perfect match to the job that you have. After that, continue the process of hiring by comparing the 3 contractors according to some specific requirements.

Ask about qualifications and experience

A top McKinney, TX, contractor is not only qualified and experienced but must also be certified and licensed to operate in McKinney. If you feel some doubt, insist on the necessary copies of documents to verify their credentials.

Request estimate

The next thing is to ask the three contractors to give you a detailed estimate of the job at hand. It’s important that you be very clear about your job’s specifications. Have these specifications written down and then give a copy to each of the contractors. Also, ask each hardwood flooring contractor to list down the materials they will use and the quantity of each that will be required. This is important because it ensures that each contractor uses the same materials and quantities.

Make sure that you understand the essentials of the job

Learn all about the steps which are involved in Hardwood floors installation, learn about the estimated time frame which the contractors are expected to take in the job. Having this information will not only save you loads of cash but will also help you to ensure that the contractors does a wonderful job and finish it in the estimated time as stated in the contract of work agreement that you and the contractor have signed. Understanding the essentials will also help you give suggestion on the types of hardwood finish which you would love to be installed in your McKinney TX home.

Are the contractors covered by an insurance company?

I bet that you do not want to end up paying up some extra expense that you didn’t budget for meanly because of injuries incurred or inflicted to the contractor while doing your job. To avoid this kind of scenery ensure that you ask for papers that verifies if they are indeed insured by a creditable insurance company. To be sure about the information at hand, ensure that you call the insurance company or any accredited organization which will verifies if the contractor is registered, insured and if there is any complaints leveled against them. This is one of the main factors which you should considered if you want an appealing job without extra expenses.


Make the decision on which contractor to give the job

This is the final step taken before you and the contractor embark on the real task. Request for a contract but ensure that it is formal, confirm if all the information on it, such as the down payment need for the job to start off, the cost of the job, the materials needed, and the time frame when your job would begin. Read it carefully, and counter check if any detail on the contract doesn’t tally with the information you were given or if you are not sure with a clause on the contract. Ask them to clarify it to you before you put a pen to paper.


There are many hardwood floors coloring contractors in McKinney, TX. To find a contractor that is the perfect match for your job, you need to do a little bit of research and some digging. Get referrals from the people you trust and then subject the suggested names to rigorous interviewing process. This way, you can be sure to land the best contractors that McKinney has in terms of hardwood flooring.

Advantage of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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Today home owners like varied types of flooring for their homes depending on the climatic conditions they live in. However hardwood floors, Richardson TX is one of the favorite choices made by home owners as it takes minimal effort to clean and care for the same. You will find that unlike laminated or engineered wood the hardwood floorings have capacity to refinish several times with any damage and harm. Moreover it increases the years of beauty and warmth to your home. If you intend to sell the house then it will fetch you a good value since hardwood floors are highest money fetchers with their elegance and resale.

With hardwood flooring you require ongoing care and protection. As well as regular cleaning, and maintenance and repairing are a necessity. With proper care and maintenance, your hardwood floors can retain their splendour and boost any decor that you choose. When you choose hardwood as the material for your floors then you can compare prices on the internet and check out the quality of the product as you place your orders. Home owners can enjoy clean and good looking floors for long time as hardwood floors deliver their best and keep the ambiance at its best.

You can ask for flooring in a variety of different woods such as oak, cherry, and even bamboo. Bamboo flooring is the best alternative to hardwood and laminate. It is one of the newest and most exciting products that have entered the flooring industry. It is a trendy product and is approved as perfect choice that is beautiful, durable, versatile, inexpensive, and very eco friendly. Due to many such attributes the popularity of bamboo floors have overgrown.

Though hardwood floors have become one of the most popular features that new home owners look for in a home there are many different types of floorings that are available, from different makes of wood to different patterns and installations.In fact, there are certain advantages of refinishing hardwood floors.
Costs Less

The number of workers, time frame and the nature of the job done all add up to the costs of a project. That’s why one of the advantages of refinishing hardwood floors over replacing them is cost. Refinishing is easier to do, hence it takes less time and fewer people to do it. This is important if the homeowner needs work done on a wide area.

Saves Time

Replacing an entire hardwood floor even in just one room can take weeks. That’s because the individual processes of removing the old flooring, ordering the new panels and installing them all take days. With refinishing, the entire project takes only a few days. This is important for business owners who can lose a lot of money for each day that their office or store is closed.

Saves Intricate Wood Work
Some floors are just meant to be refinished. For example, parquet floors are considered to be the royalty of flooring. Hence, it’s a definite taboo to replace them. The only acceptable ways to deal with parquet floors are to either refinish them or cover them with a rug.

Retains House Value.
Some floors add to the value of homes. For example, old and rugged floor planks add value and character to an ancestral home. That said, replacing the entire floor will decrease the over-all age of the house. Consequently, this decreases its authenticity and by extension, its value. Refinishing and restoring may be the only ways to save these wood planks.

Environmentally Friendly
Those who know the advantages of refinishing hardwood floors understand that the process is much more environmentally friendly. That’s because new wood planks require more wood to be cut down. That said, refinishing helps decrease the demand for new hardwood floors; hence it hinders the cutting of a few more trees.

Complies with Apartment Standards
Most apartments that offer hardwood floors have rules against replacing them. Usually, they only allow the floors to be refinished. That’s because they often consider hardwood floors as a selling point. This means any changes to the floor can greatly decrease the apartment’s value.

It’s clear that there are numerous advantages of refinishing hardwood floors. That said, it’s best to consult professional wood installers or contractors to see if the floors of a home or building can handle refinishing.